Italian M33 Helmet (WWII?)

Everything is correct on this guy but the cover. It seems to be a reproduction. The netting is period and is held under the shell with turned wooden pins. I’m no Italian helmet expert. If anyone has an opinion on this I’m all ears.



@Grenz45 thoughts on this one Sir?

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I am no expert by any means, and Italian I know very little to none about.
But looking at the condition of the item I would lean towards a Post war or reproduction.
One little test you can perform (Not that it means a lot) is to burn the tip of the lacing.
If it melts then it is not war production at all.
Melting means it is a sign the thread is polymer of some kind that did not exist till after the war.
Same goes for the netting and cover.

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I didn’t know about that test! The shell is for sure period but with all the upgrades they did over the years that may be the only thing on it that hasn’t been touched. It came from an actual Italian immigrant though that did WWII reenactments. The cover is absolutely new.