Its all fun and games until...


I figure everyone can contribute to this one. Ill start off.

… you have to shovel the back yard for the dogs to do their business.


Your wife moves your 70k sports car into the front yard after a week of rainstorms and gets it stuck in the mud so you cant go to the range.


Its all fun and games untail you wake up and it burns when you piss :grimacing:


You know, modern medicine has a fix for that now.


I just had a UTI but in general not really. There are far more people with incurable STDs now then 50 years ago. I hear that if you dunk your junk in bleach it works pretty well but never tested it out.


I’m glad I am happily married for 30 years.


Very true. There is some scary things out there.


…you go to bed as Bruce…and wake up as Caitlyn…


…you take your first shot with your AR-10 and notice that the bolt is in the carrier 180 degrees off because you wanted to test your skills at blindfolded disassemble/reassemble of the AR-10.


:rofl: :rofl: :clap:


oh… I thought that was a left handed AR10


especially after 10 or twelve snowstorms and spring thaw uncovers the gifts from man’s best friend.


Buy a Colt SP1, excited as can be, go to the range, fire one round, it doesn’t eject, bolt is in 180* off.


It just sucks sooooooo bad. literally ripping the spent brass out with a pliers :sob:


It’s all fun and games until… That moment you realize it wasn’t just gas that you had to pass…


Its all fun and games until your wife actually hears what you muttered under your breath.


Its all fun and games untail your old lady starts going off in spanish :grimacing:


Ooooooh, shit!:astonished:


Numerous phone calls from wife on how to start and drive the car, it’s a push button and you have to press the brake to start the engine!!


Until you get a jury duty summons (can you tell what I am doing today)