It's me, stimp.


Hello everyone.

Been on YT for long enough to start getting paid and then have the rug yanked out from under me.

Hope to start posting vids here soon, but give me a bit to come up to speed.


Welcome to Full30. @full30nick is the man you want to hit up about getting a channel.

Meanwhile make yourself at home and enjoy the forum.


Welcome to Full30 @stimpsonjcat Good to have you here. Many of us left YT a while ago. Either by choice, or force. Nick is a busy guy. It’s myself and @Robert that you want to impress.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Oh I want a channel!


Didn’t know you two were approving channels now. Good to know.


We’re not approving them, but are a buffer for Nick. He’s very busy.



Please tell us what super awesome forum you belong to :sunglasses:

Also check out the new user guide in the what to expect area for help with this type of forum, and…

If you haven’t responded to the green notification yet

There is a little :robot: “discobot” greeting that will walk you through a neat tutorial, and if follow it through the end you can get certified



Welcome @stimpsonjcat
Great to have you here!


Welcome to the forum Brother!!!


Welcome to the forum. What is/was your YouTube channel?


Welcome to Full30, bruceperry.

Hope you can start posting your videos here soon.




Welcome to Full30…


Stimpsonjcat67 is my YT name/channel.


Thank you. Found it on YT and quickly looked at the Thumbnails for the videos… I like you already (forging videos). That is something I would really want to try in the future. Used to make knives when I was a teen, never got over it, just dont have an appropriate space at the moment.

Looks like your vids would make a great addition to the other great content on Full30.


Welcome to full30!




The forge is my favorite hobby. I never know what’s going to happen out there.


Welcome to FULL30