It's not a gun, it's art...



Nice. lol


If only it was that easy.


That’s performance art right there.


Oh… in that case I’m an art major!!!



Yep yep


Wow! That is amazing work. Very nice.


Those are some good looking lowers right there!


All art is special to people, some more than others. My wife likes quilts, me, not so much but she isn’t as taken with firearms. We agree to respect each other’s art.


Now see, I like both.


best of both worlds than…


That’s epic!


wow, very impressive :+1:


No doubt about it, that’s a moving and beautiful quilt. That I don’t have enough time to add all her interests but I can still stop and admire, that quilt is a lot of long hours even if one has a long arm machine, doing it by piecing and stitching is an incredible personal investment.
Please accept my homage to your feelings about quilts. I sleep under one every night, it sure does it’s job.:innocent:


Love it! It’s inspirational! :heart_eyes: