Its not me after all, it shoots low left


When I first picked up my new M&P Shield 9mm, I shot a box of 50 rounds through it at the store. All my shots were low and left. I thought, Okay, the gun shoots, but I have to figure out what I’m doing wrong (surely it’s my fault). So I finally got to go and really shoot it today in an attempt to finally figure it out. It’s still low left. Even when I squeeze the trigger real slow and steady all the shots are low and left. So I had hubby shoot it and his shots did the same thing. And then I shot my other 9mm and the shots were nicely grouped where I was aiming. So now I’m thinking of taking it to a gunsmith to get it sighted.

I’m disappointed to have to do that with a brand new gun.


Low and left usually signifies weak support hand grip/ dipping the nose in anticipation of the shot. I do it all the time and once I slow down and focus on my grip and trigger pull, can slowly work back to center. Could it be that the you’re not used to the new M&P’s grip/ trigger?


I did focus on both of those things and it still was low left. I made sure my grip was strong and squeezed the trigger nice and slow. With my other guns, that usually does the trick. Not this time. I had my husband watch my hand to see if I was jerking or pushing the barrel down in anticipation but he said I wasn’t. At least when I was really focused. I do tend to do that sometimes. Also he had the same results.


Odd. I usually try and figure out what I’m doing wrong when I pick up a new gun, but if the results are specific and repeatable, it might just be the pistol. You could always get your sights adjusted.



Slight possibility sights are out of allignment &/or mismatched pair. (Wrong height pairing) especially if multiple experienced shooters are having the same experience


The best way to answer the question is to shoot 5 rounds from the gun while held in a handgun vise. Take the human factor out. If the gun/sights check out, watch the video I posted and pay close attention to your grip.


I would take in step further and use a insert type external bore sight and the vice.


Great video. I’ll look at the fit. Maybe that’s the problem. Could not fit us both. Grip I think is Okay but I’ll post some pics later and maybe I can improve some.


Were you shooting light(er) loads (115 grain or less)?

Try shooting at least 124 grains, or higher, and see what happens.

Rule of thumb: Lighter bullets (same caliber) shoot lower and Heavier bullets (same caliber) shoot higher.


Both 115 FMJ and 147 HP


The fit may or may not be the problem. Here is the gun in my hand. It shows the problem you mentioned.

However, here is my SA EMP and the fit is similar. I have no trouble with the SA.

Here is my grip on the M&P


Hmm, I’m actually cross-eyed a little, but my right eye is dominate. Most times I close the left anyway, though that was another thing I tried today, shooting without closing one eye. I know it’s bad to close one eye.


IMO, the grip looks a little short.Looks like your finger is away from the frame and that will cause a low left condition. Try putting a back strap on the grip. My video should explain this.


#2 and the rest is to get 20 characters


That’s interesting. In every class I’ve ever taken, they teach #2. I’d love to hear from others what they use.


Number 3 is correct because the dot on the sight is on the target.


I have no idea, I just call it wrong. Dot goes on target, not below it.


You are correct on the lollipop.
The Swiss has an interesting approach to this rifle sight dilemma during the 40’s.
The rear ladder ramp adjustment would be front sight over target for 100,200 meter distance. Due to a man size target getting to be the same width as the front sight blade at all distance 300 meters and further all shots are lollipop so you can see your target.



It shot low (and left) with 147 grain bullets? That’s definitely a problem.

I have an M&P Shield 9 mm. Let me see if I can find some old used targets where I shot it to see if I had the same issue. If I can’t find them, will take it to the range and see what happens. Will let you know.

Been too long since I shot my Shield. I no longer have the used targets. Sorry. But, I can make some new ones and see what happens.