IWB Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 review


IWB Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 review

I finally got the opportunity to try my IWB Holster with my Iver Johnson Thrasher.
I carried at the 4 o’clock position with a loose shirt over it.
Surprisingly it was extremely comfortable.
Walking, Sitting, and Driving as well I could hardly feel the gun and holster were there.
I adjusted the cant to make it more easily to grab the grip as well.
Under my shirt (A Standard non tucked business attire collared shirt) it was invisible.
The weight distribution was also very good in that I did not feel the firearm was trying to pull off or down my waistband.
The Thrasher is a all steel 1911 officer compact that weighs 34oz empty so it is no lightweight.

Now a couple cons.
The damn clips to go over your belt are stiff as hell and hard to spread a gap big enough to slip over the belt strap.
Good and bad with that. Retention and ease of use it is a toss up.
I would like to see the clip gap widened a little so I could thread a belt through them rather than clip it over.
1/16 of an inch wider would be plenty.
Re-Holstering I just didn’t get that feeling I was inserting the gun correctly and had to feel around to make sure I did. That may come with more use to give me that warm fuzzy.
It just felt partially crooked.
But to be honest I don’t think you can insert it incorrectly.

Overall I was impressed and expected much less.
And I would recommend the item to anyone looking for a IWB holster.

Now the big gripe (I left this for the end).
I need to loose some weight or buy a size bigger waistline pants.
In my old age I’m getting fat.


The clips get easier over time. I had trouble at first too, but it’s no problem now.


those tight clips are why I ordered the belt loops. And when I carried my glock 22 gen 4 in it I hated it but now that I traded the shell for my ruger p95dc I love it. The glock just never felt right in it


I thought they may get looser over time.
Still would like them to make the loop gap a weee bit wider just so I could thread a belt through it rather than tug it through.
The length of the loop is fine just to be clear on what I am referring too.


My Alien Gear is the first version with the leather base and I’ve got to say losing about 8lbs made a big difference in being able to wear it with my shirt tucked in.


That’s a good location to carry, I hardly know mine is there, unless it moves a bit, then I know.