IWB holster suggestions for a Glock 20

Yes Alien gear IWB
Interchangeable shells for
Shield 9 - CZ 75 - 1911
Steel core belt for wearing the head knockers.


I have used a crossbreed for years now. But I am switching to owb because I suffer from an old mans problem called noassatall so lbw puts pressure on a nerve and is very painful.






I had a Crossbreed hybrid IWB holster for Beretta 92FS, which is a fairly large, heavy handgun as you might already know. The Crossbreed was the least uncomfortable IWB holster, but the others I had were just some cheap ones I found at Academy.

I’ve since found Crossbreed type knockoffs that are a bit more affordable than Crossbreed itself for a couple other carry handguns (a fullsize 1911 and a smaller single stack S&W 3913). They’re still the least uncomfortable, beating out Milt Sparks summer carry in comfort, too. So for me, that kind of holster design seems to be more comfortable, but I have a somewhat lean build for whatever that’s worth.

One of the cons of the Crossbreed type design, though, is the ease (or lack thereof) of putting it on and taking it off. It may be lack of practice on my part (I don’t carry as often as I should), but I find this kind of holster a bit more of a pain to put on and take off than the other holsters.