IWO Galil ACE choice

  • Galil ACE in .308
  • Galil ACE in 7.62x39

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Also please list your reason why you would chose one over the other.


I would go .308 because you can shoot the 7.62x51.


Good point. One could also argue that there is a more accurate ammo selection for .308 too.


The .308 is a bit more pricey to shoot, about $1 a round. The 7.62 surplus should be a bit less. I’m not real big on the x39, for that you have a lot of other choices.


308 for range & accuracy


Cheap ammo and that is what the rifle was really designed for. I would not hesitate to pick up a 556 one either.
We have seen great results with people running them in 308, so that’s just my thoughts


In all honesty I want all 3 versions, but with this poll I just was going for the two .30 cal options.


The 556 one shoots really fast. Really fast…
Sorry, I have a Desert Tech MDR and a few other goodies to do the 308… :grin: