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So it was suggested that I put my website in here. If you missed my intro I posted earlier today, My name is Jay Canter. I have been a pro photo journalist for nearly 25 years. My wife and I are now based out of Phoenix area, Arizona which is night and day better than when we were in Northern California. If you work for a company or know a company (doesnt have to be defense industry related) that is in need of some great photography and design work for anything please be sure to send them our way. Much appreciated!!!

here is a direct link to some photos on one of my websites. I havent updated it in a little bit but I have a bunch of new gun images I should probably post on there.
Thank you!!!

Jay Canter Photography



welcome and hopefully your photographic style is better than this guy


Good to have you here.


HAHAHA. yeah I have been sent that soooo many times. I just try to explain to people its better to have a Canon than a Nikon (whatever that is. lol) Nikon is more likely to jam.



Its not even close

er…right? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Awesome website @PhotoguyJay


Welcome to the forum Jay!! Glad to see you here


I like it. Thanks for sharing! That only leaves 1 question…

Canon or Nikon? :wink:


Welcome to the forum, sometimes our shooting sessions turn into photo shooting sessions. Pro instagram photographers :grin:


back in the film days and kodachrome 64 or ektar25 I was a Canon guy but prefer Sony now just because. Kind of like Glock vrs SIG with Beretta lurking around.


I started shooting film on an olympus actually my parents got me to document our vacations (this is starting at like 6 years old) Once I got serious about photography in my super early teens I was shooting film out of Nikon bodies. Then the transition to digital and I stuck with Nikon for a short period since I had all the lenses. Actually a Canon rep at a major car race let me borrow an equivelent lens and body to what I was using from Nikon. it was soooo much better in every way I went and sold all my Nikon gear and switched to Canon that same month. That was in like 2003/2004.


Here is another dissected build that I designed and a good friend of mine who I have been getting into shooting sports decided he had to buy off of me. Never even put a round through it. Awesome when people love this stuff so much and appreciate something simple yet striking at the same time. Eventually we will get out and put some rounds through it. Just tough with Arizona weather for a few months.
If anyone has any questions on parts used please let me know. This photo was taken before I sent it to my cerakoter. it ended up actually getting this custom mix of blue titanium and a few silver colors. But no pattern on this one, just a solid color.


Looks like it may have been a great build…assembled :rofl:

I’ve done builds and then sold/traded without firing as well,

Building is just a different way to enjoy the same passion :sunglasses:


lol yeah. personally to me at this point it is like there is only so many AR15 I can design and do. I dont need 10 of them all with 14.5" barrels. So it has been lets do like 3 with the same length barrel, then move on to another length. Now it is like AR9 pistol, AR15 pistol, suppressed SBR, and on and on. LOL. luckily my wife being retired military isnt scared of any of these and doesnt mind my additional creative outlets ontop of my photography.


Have you tried this companies resources yet?

or doing 80% builds?


nope never even heard of them until just now. And zero point in doing 80% builds. I live in a free state where you cant even find a 80% lower. lol.



You just haven’t progressed to that level of complacency yet, I live in FL and tired of buying, getting bored and trading/selling, then started building AR’s, now am beginning to do 80%

Were expecting rain tomorrow so the garage will be cooler and I’ll go work on one of the 3 I started :thinking:


I am building a truck right now for a few magazines I work for and I wish I could go into the garage to put in a little bit of time on it. But its easily 105 plus in the garage. And like florida with the humidity when we get it here its miserable cause we still have the 100 plus and then humid it sucks big time.


That is a perfect 1911 / Glock analog.
You a former 1911 turned Glock guy? No disrespect intended innocent question.
I’m a Nikon guy (& 1911) from way back. Started with an FM in about 1980. Stayed Nikon till I stopped at a D700. Couldn’t justify the cost to switch to Canon but they clearly are equal or better here in the digital age.

Still prefer a 1911 also.


no disrespect at all. I am actually not a 1911/2011 fan at all. dont own one and honestly dont plan on owning one. Cant honestly even say I am a glock fan. I own a 17 and 19 which I built from the ground up so not really anything glock on them. I can find positives and negatives with probably anything I shoot. I love my VP9 but HATE the mag release on it. Love each of my XD variants I own (4 of them) but find things I dont like with them as well.
Thats probably why on the AR side I design and do them all from scratch. that way there isnt any reason to not say it is perfect to me in every way.


I had a VP9, thought I’d hate the mag release, just the oppoosite, you can keep the gun on target, use your index figure to drop the mag and slam the next one home!

Now I love the mag release :heart_eyes: