Jeweling Jig


I am trying to find schematics or plans to be able to make a jeweling jig. I at least cannot find one to purchase so if there is a commercial one available I would be able to that. I know B-Square made one at one point but it seems to be discontinued at this point. I believe there was another company that made a commercial one as well (I apologize the name doesn’t come to mind) but it also has been discontinued. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You may be thinking of Wheeler, they no longer make them either. You may have to make one.


I think your right about Wheeler. I honestly think I will have to make one but I haven’t really been able to find any good videos or a walk through or maybe schematics that I can follow. Hoping maybe someone here might be able to help me out with that. I really want to try and do jeweling I love the look.


Why does no one make them anymore?


Honestly no idea why or even how long it has been this way.


It is a fairly simple jig. A search revealed a couple of videos

Here is a write up from another source


The little I looked around, it didn’t look very hard. From simple wood, to welded up angle iron, to more fancy ones.


Thank you very much that first video at least gives me a good starting point I think of maybe being able to piece something together. Any ideas on maybe wear I good get a gear like that? He mentioned he made his. At least at this time that isn’t something I have the compability to do that.


I bet a cam chain gear would work. Go to a local auto salvage yard.


Cool, is there anything specific I need to know or look for. I don’t know much about cars.


From the looks of the one the guy made in the video, that’s a pair of old connecting rods, a base plate to bolt it too. Bronze center rod on each side, and the gear. The gear looks to be about the same size as the gear on a cam shaft. That gear also has a hole in it for the cam shaft sensor magnet, so another bonus.


I might try to use a 5c collet spin index mounted to your drill press.

Set of cheap 5c collets

You could always use an index head, but I’m thinking of budget friendly options.


@switchpod Thanks alot for these links I will defintaly look into this. With all the help I have gotten on here I really think I am getting a solid plan for putting together a jig and get this going. I am pretty excited about it as well. Thank you to all that have given me feedback


No problem Brother! There’s always more than one way to skin a cat!

303 stainless, pencil eraser, 400 grit.




I was so happy with my spin index until I read the section of the manual on using the offset holes…and then my brain hurt for a week or so.


Yeah! Lots of math!