Joe from 13C checking in, plus heads up on Geissele SSP trigger GAW


Hi everyone. I sort of forgot about the forums here after signing up back in April, I’ve been pretty busy but now that summer and all the family events are winding down I’ll have more time to interact off of the channel on the forums here.

Tons of new stuff in pipeline and the Geissele SSP trigger GAW is barely a month off. GAW is on 11-13-18.

Giveaway video-

Thanks, Joe


Glad to hear you will have some time to relax and be on the forum more.



Good to see you on here Joe. With all the products you’ve tested I’m sure your opinion will be valued on here!!


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to Full30 @13C Good to have you here. I just added your channels link to the member approved channels.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.




Welcome back!


Welcome back


Welcome to Full30… just relax…:grimacing: