Joe Peters CZ 75 type Pistol 45 ACP, what is it??


My first post so hoping it’s in the pistol category.
I have a Joe Peters pistol with “Joe Peters” engraved on the frame above the grip.
The serial number is JP-002? and is in 45 ACP
I have read that Peter Stahl may have made these pistols in the late '80’s early '90’s.
Is there a model name for this pistol? Any info is appreciated.


It looks like a CZ 97


That’s what I was thinking but the dust cover is short for a 97. And from his post he stated the maker of his made them in the late 80s and early 90s. It could just be a 75 just modified to shoot .45. But that’s completely me guessing.


Any more photos of the markings?


and by chance is this your gun?


That’s the one. I thought I got a good deal on it, it is in Canadian $$


The only markings on the pistol are “Joe Peters”, serial number prefix with JP. Cal…45 on the slide and the Ulm proof on the same side behind the rear serrations. The barrel is marked CAL…45 and has a shield shaped proof mark (Gardone)? with same on the frame with 993 above it and beside it a shield for E German Suhl, a bird with outstretched wings with a N below,is a German proof of ULM. I believe Tanfoglio supplied the unfinished parts to Joe Peters.