John Crump From AmmoLand


Hey guys,

I am John Crump from AmmoLand. I am working on a story about Full30. I will be reaching out to people to get their thoughts.



Welcome to the forum @JohnCrump I’m Dan and as my title says, the promotions manager. I’m only part of the forum, not Full30 proper. I will be happy to talk if you wish. You can private message me and we can speak on the phone if you wish.




Welcome! We’re glad to have ya!

I have a Full30 channel and am active on the forums. I’m also gonna be a blog contributor at some point as well.

I used to have a YouTube channel, but I was banned over there for violating rules they don’t publish on the actual rules. They literally admitted that to me. So, Full30 is all I have at the moment.


welcome from the frozen side of the border


Welcome @JohnCrump
Great to have you here at Full 30 !!!


Welcome to Full30! Glad you could join us.


Thank you John for your introduction,

No doubt we’re related :grin::grin::grin:


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome to the forum!




Hi John,

Nice to see you here and great to see that Full30 will be getting coverage. Would be good to also shine a bit of light onto this forum.

My channel is nowhere near the “big boys” out there, but the restrictive policies of YouTube sent me in search of a platform where my perfectly legal content can live unmolested. Full30 is that platform for my content, and I am sure other producers will agree.

Thank you for any and all the spotlight you can give to Full30 and Full30 Forum.


Welcome aboard John!


Welcome…we love ammo…


Welcome to our Full30 clubhouse. This place has exploded in the last few weeks. @Robert has been enlisting people from all over Al Gore’s Interwebz, and getting them to congregate here. My crew of miscreants from has come to find a welcome second home here… Not sure if Full30 completely understands the risk factor in that yet.

Me… I’m a fulltime LEO… Decent dad… Mediocre husband… and I built one hellofa AR type rifle chambered in .338LM. I’m actually hosting my first exhibit booth at SHOT this year (which was no small expenditure). I started my new company a few years ago, called Condition Red Ordnance Mfg. Check my little impromptu vids I shot with some friends, and loaded up here…


Welcome aboard, John - great to see word getting out, and the potential for legit coverage. That’s good news for everyone.


Welcome to Full30, John Crump.

I get emails from AmmoLand and really enjoy them.

Hope you enjoy it here.




Welcome John, I have a channel here and other places called, Zeke Shoots. I specialize in AK’s. Building and discussing them is pretty much what I do.
I am always up for talking. You can pm me or call in to my live broadcast or email me any time.
I look forward to you being part of this robust full30 community.


Let me know if there is anything that ReadyMan can do to help you out!
Thanks for coming to the forum!