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Welcome @JohnCrump glad to have you here. I am a part-time FFL and have a channel here on Full30 and am active on the forum when I am not at my day job (ok sometimes I am active on the forum at my day job).

Like others, I moved my channel here from YouTube to have a friendly place to post my gun videos.

Feel free to ask me any questions you would like. I love to help people out.


Welcome John,

Charles here from **_Rebel Freedom_**. :grinning:

Love Full30. It has given us a platform to share our knowledge of firearms, firearm safety, education, operation and so much more. It is a relief to have a platform that is not censoring our First Amendment on the net. You can expect more videos and content from us soon.

Glad to have ya here.

If you need anything let us know sir.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome John


Welcome John! I look forward to seeing some of your work based on Full30. I’m a video producer that came here to escape from under YouTube’s censorship. Feel free to send any questions you may have for me.


Hi again John. Charles here from Rebel Freedom. Because of so much interference with freedom of content online in regards to our views and rights, I created our channel to not Only do Reviews for Rock Island Firearms, but also others when the situation permits.

Like I’m sure everyone here, I got tired of being censored on YT and other platforms so I migrated here.

My channel is in direct response to people who also do not understand some history as well as freedom of speech. In addition, in many ways I think we are all Rebels. My ancestors fought hard for their rights and it is my duty to continue that legacy in some way, hence my channel name of Rebel Freedom. If I can be of any help in anyway, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank You Very Much.


there is more than meets the eye with RIA-Armscor


Love RIA since I lived in PH for a year.


Welcome welcome!


I try to go back to the Ph every year so now at least thats our plan. Hopefully every time Ill be able to meet with Martin Caloy, Dad or any family that will have me to see the new upgrades in Marikina. That was an amazing visit to the factory. Id love ot live there, its too bad they don’t trust non Filipinos with guns as far as government(Their Gun Laws) . I would protect them just like I do here in N.C.


Welcome John, I enjoy your news letter since I signed up for it just a few months ago, thank you @Robert. I have been in the timber industry for 40 years in north Idaho and I send this and some others from your news letters to every contact I know.


Hey Jeff,

I am just a writer who writes there. I am not the owner of the site although they are pretty cool.