Join me on a dry fire session - I show my process & provide tips

This is a very laid back video where I simply narrate through my dry fire training session.

It includes my mindset and thought processes to maximize dry fire practice, as well as various tips on drawing from a holster and putting accurate shots on target.

This process has taken me from a C Class USPSA shooter to knocking on the door of Master Class in less than a year. I’ve been logging my training time this year, aside from classes, over 80% of my training hours have been dry fire.

Dry fire works.

Happy to answer questions.


This a good book on dry fire training by Ben Stoeger, well worth the $20.

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Get his new one, Dry Fire Reloaded.

The majority of the book is drills, but it still is pretty good.


I didnt even know there was a new one.

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Yeah. It’s pretty good.

There’s drills on there that help you hone specific skills and he provides some techniques and strategies to maximize your dry fire practice.

After all, practice doesn’t make perfect.

Perfect practice makes perfect.


Thanks, nice job with your video explanation of the benefits of dry fire practice.
Nice job with the details necessary for effective dry fire, too.
Have you checked out Mike Seeklanders on line live dry fire practice yet?

Yup. I’ve even written and published a blog post promoting his dry fire stuff.

He’s a fantastic shooter.

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