JP Enterprises Enhanced AR Bolt


I am looking to buy a complete AR bolt assembly for my field kit and I want an upgrade over mil-spec steel. Does anyone have experience with these JP bolts? Any other recommendations would be welcome also.


Idk if all the enhancement stuff is worth it. I do know 9310 seems to be passing up 158 even tho it’s the “spec”


LWRC if you can get one


Great info! Thanks.


SteelPinger take a look at these


Will do. Thank you.


LMT enhanced bolts get good reviews. The extractor/spring is propriatary though.


I’m a few weeks late to this topic, but I use JP enhanced bolts and I love them, they’re beautiful and easy to wipe clean. I really like the craftsmanship of them, JP engraves their logo on the enhanced extractor, and the subtle color differences in the steel make the bolt look great. I’m also fond of the gas ring.


Thank you and welcome to the forum @jmrosenthal82