JRA Chinese Arsenal 66 Type 56 first looks

I am not impressed. The rings around rivets. swell neck rivets that are crushed poorly… take a look. The replacement and others I have seen don’t look too much better. My opinion, save your money. buy the real deal, or grab a kit and have a builder who cares build it.
Update video coming soon.


Thank God I didn’t buy one. I hate having to fix a new gun.


My first question would be why would you even consider a James river armory
This is bottom barrel junk imo

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It’s one of those things where the owner of a couple good looking ones figured it would be a safe bet.
I think it is safe to assume that all of them are jacked at this point. Even the one sootch00 has in his video has some ugly rivets and crooked barrel pin.
Seeing one that is jacked up like this and seeing others is a great way for others to make a better opinion on their purchase.

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… do you have a Chinese AK47 type 56 rifle or parts kit your willing to sell???
That maybe where the “lure lies”.

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I had a pre ban polytech legend that I sold a year ago for a lot of cash
It was well built but it wasn’t the do all end all

My point being is James river is a suspect builder

Have you heard of any other QC problems with their products? Is do please let me/ is know.

I have 0% experience with any of their firearms, but I have heard that with the m14 that they build they use a forage action. I thought that that was a good move by them.

I’m sure you’re right on that one, but you know people if they don’t have it they want it.

There has been some issues with front trunnions being cast as well as bolts
Some lugs shearing and generally loosing headspacing very fast
There has also been a few reports about rivets in the from trunnion being bucked against the barrel after it was installed
This is a big no no

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I agree! No one ever do that.
Thank you for the information.

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Now I have to get one of these and break it down.

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This is common knowledge master of the kalashnikov

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It honestly doesn’t shock me with as many rings they leave on the receiver.

Rivets are key
And head spacing
Everything else is easy

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Right on. If they don’t have the rivets right. I don’t trust they got the headspace right.

Check on every gun
I make a living on using my gauges

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Second video about this gun. 3rd will be live in a couple days.