Judge dismisses Parkland case, saying school doesn't have duty to protect students

So hang on a moment here, schools, a government entity, does not have a duty to protect our children while in their care. While at the same time, that very same government forbids us from carrying the means to provide protection. Hmm, almost seems like our government doesn’t want our children safe.


Good deal, now we can allow guns and save tax payer dollars


That’s it. I’m saving up for private school.


Tell you from experience save your money


Home school if you can. That’s the only way to make sure.


obama said he would not sign any budgets with funding for school guards all while the secret service escorted his kids to school and stayed with them every minute…the demoRats want more shootings…


^ This. The only problem is depending on the state the curriculum might still be shitty. But at least you can personally supplement that shit-ass curriculum yourself.




My wife and I going to home school our daughter and after speaking to a couple of local teachers who happen to be family members they both said that the state likes to stick its nose in to what you’re doing. If you use any of those online home schooling services that is monitored by the state.

Gone are the days when you can even take a fucking shit without the state knowing about it.


Umbrella schools make sense in some states, in some situations. In others, not so much.

First step is finding out exactly what the state requirements are (varies from state to state). Next is to consider what the family situation is.

Been ages since I looked into it, but some states apparently want at least one of the parents to have a college degree, if they are homeschooling during the high school grades. An umbrella school may help in this situation, if the parents don’t have a degree.


@Robert, thanks for the heads up on that!

Wife has a degree which can be used for teaching. So that’s easy peasy. :cowboy_hat_face:

It’ll be Idaho, so we’ll need to dig in to that closer when the time comes.

Wife’s quitting her full time job so problem solved. It’ll save us a huge amount of money versus private school and will end up being a better education.


The judge is just following SCOTUS precedents, when they said the police have no duty to protect the students. The following link cites multiple cases where this has been decided, regardless of what the Yankee Marshal likes to think:

As nonsensical as it may sound, law enforcement has no duty to protect anyone, according to multiple court rulings. Law enforcement is there to solve crimes and not stop or protect people from them.

Personally, I think the judge jumped the shark in saying the school district bears no duty to protect students placed in their care. This doesn’t surprise me though as the school my kids went to asked parents to buy field trip insurance because they were not going to liable for any injury that may have occurred, while a given student was on any school trip.


I wish more sheeple Americans would wake up to this. You are only responsible for protecting yourself (and your own kids).


The police agencies and officers cannot anticipate human behavior, kinda period. This has been the basis for those of us that recognize we have a personal investment for protecting ourselves, no one else can do that for me. The same school council recommended the Parkland teachers be armed, and the city be actively involved with school safety. We few who are ready to do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves and families are the point of the spear.


Just remember kids… you are free…