July 4th Independence Day


Happy birthday :birthday: America!
Its independence day JULY 4th
I’ll be spending it with my family we’ll be going to the parade in the morning then indulging in some pyrotechnics back at home culminating with the main fireworks display later tonight :fireworks::fireworks::sparkler: Wishing All the FULL30 members a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!



(to hit 20 and such)


To all my fellow Americans, I wish you a happy, safe and enjoyable holiday!



Let’s not forget everything that was risked for our freedoms today. I am eternally thankful for our fore-fathers and their bravery, their wisdom in writing the Constitution and securing our rights, and all those after who protected the greatest experiment in world history. God Bless America.


What do you do in a free country when the family is out?


and build a 1911!!!



I see a picatinny rail on that frame…are you going all tactical timmy on us?


I was going to mill it smooth, I love full length dust cover but not a rail fan,

well sweat my ass off beating this thing to get this far and its so light I may leave the rail and use it :thinking:


For what? 1911s shouldnt have gadgets attached.


@Robert, I like the option of having a weapons light mounted on the firearm quite a few benefits to having it.


for weight, right now I can’t see running 10mm on this frame, doubting even .40

45 or 9mm maybe, we’ll see


@Robert, would .40 super be an option?


.40 is snappy, this frame seems to light for that, I think 45 is most likely, softer shooting and the same size primer as 10mm

Mostly I was just wanting to play in the garage, that feeling has passed, its now locked in the vise 3/4 lapped

I use a 2x4 and assorted hammers, its work, but the payoff is a VERY tight tolerance built 1911


There are plenty advantages but 1911s are heavy enough already.


@jf89, I used to think the same thing until I started wearing one full-time after a few days I don’t even notice it at all that is until i switch back to a lighter weapon and then i have to get used to the weight all over again.


Happy Birthday, jf89.

Hope you have a bright, sunny day!

Raining here (thunderstorm).


I like the weight of it without the light, it absorbs recoil real well but the light made it off balanced, ymmv.


Thanks John, its nice here.


Birthday Hug