Junkyard firearm builds?


In this article the guy made alot of makeshift parts and cobbled an AR15 together ,anyone done anything like this? Ive also been reading Ragnar Bensen’s(sp) “Guerrilla Gunsmithing” and he goes over improvised repairs which seems like a cool idea.


Heres an AK built out of a shovel:



Sounds interesting but I don’t trust any site that doesn’t like my popup blocker. I walked into too many popup traps in my life.


I hope everyone here is aware of the life of PA Luty and his home workshop guns. That’s all I will say.


I know you cant build a firearm from scratch but you can buy a serialized reciever and build the parts for it with no issues from Al-feda


You can build one from scratch for your own use. No serial number required.