Just a newbie from Arkansas


Contrary to many beliefs I actually do wear shoes and not married to my sister.:rofl: Being from Arkansas I get teased about that on other sites. but it’s all in fun.

I enjoy all aspects of the shooting world, bought my first AR in the late 70’s and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy shooting everything from flintlocks to machine guns. Always good to hang out with people that have the same interest.

with the 70’s comment you have already figured out i’m an old geezer.lol but still love to sling lead downrange. I love to hunt and fish too. can’t wait to get on the lake to fish now that hunting season is over.


Welcome from Florida.


Welcome @Belt-Fed
Great to have you here with us at Full 30!


Welcome to Full30 forum @Belt-Fed Good to have you here. Being old and loving guns are a perfect match. The older I get, the further I want to shoot.

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Welcome from Ky




Welcome to Full30! Glad you could join us.


Welcome @Belt-Fed




Welcome @Belt-Fed, And we’re all glad for your sister :rofl:


Welcome to the forum Brother! We hope you find a new home here!


Glad to have you here! Our church just started revival tonight and we have a Brother from Arkansas preaching it!


Welcome, glad you joined us!!


Welcome @Belt-Fed


Thanks everyone, good to be here.


Welcome to FULL30 and forum. Glad you rank us pretty high, like fish and hunt, you know important stuff


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome. Glad you joined us here!