Just another day in the Great White North

Just a simple range day with the Family and a new shooter
The Wife shooting her brand new CZ 75 Shadow 2 OC and me shooting my new CZ P10F. Throw in some old iron with the more modern (KAR98 and or the AR). Check out the muzzle flash off the 10 !/2 with XM177 Muzzle device as compared to the M15A2 (14 1/2). It was surprising how fast we lost the light.
Toys today
CZ Shadow 2, CZ P10, CZ 75, Canik SFx, Girsan MC28, Sphinx SDP, Kar98/M98, Norinco JW25 (.22 version of the Kar98), Armalite M15A2 and the Norinco CQa.
Great weather and a lot of brass - plus sometimes 47 headstamp Mauser doesn’t always go bang


In Canada…

go figure, huh

Was the wife the first up?

She’s got a good grip, better than the T cup gripper :shushing_face:

Bet that M15 was loud


Looks like fun


Nice video and thanks for sharing it. My EDC pistol is a P10 C. Been thinkin’ about getting a P10 F. What’s your first impressions of it?


well I still do not own a Glock, surprising easy to shoot. First few trigger pulls were “creepy” and very glock like but disappeared after a few mags. The reset is almost non existent which lends itself to a very fast double taps.


and to add to it which was odd but may lend itself to the short reset - the trigger stays back once pulled and moves forward on recork.
The mags are P10 and not shared amoung the other CZs (or at least my CZs) where the Shadow can also Girsan MC28 (one way).


yes she got the fire the first, as compared to the Son who doesn’t like the other grip because he finds it uncomfortable and not how hold in COD…
Video review works to explain how the mechanics of his hold lends itself to less control.
I surprised at the sphinx - I had quite a few FTE/Stovepipes on first couple mags (Win. WB 115) but with a quick tear down and oil on the rail and contact face that all went away.