Just bought 7.62x54R at Academy, is it corrosive?


Hard to nail down what the internet is saying so hopefully you all can help as I know I’m not the only one here with some Mosin Nagants. Boxes say made in Russia.

Any help is appreciated.


It’s all noncorosive. The website has it listed that way.


Thanks. I didn’t see anything in the store and the employee wasn’t sure. Totally slipped my mind to check academy’s website.

Would you consider $9.99 per 20rd box pretty fair for non surplus ammo?


Most definitely. If you were reloading it would get under $.50 A round but for plinking it ain’t bad.


I am thinking that with that Mosin-N you may need to add much padding to the backstock. Isn’t it steel? Expect a big ka-boom.


All part of the fun. If you ain’t be bruised you ain’t shootin a big enough gun.


Part of the experience for me. For my wife, we will see how she can take the first couple before we decide what to do for her.


Biggest thing you’ve ever fired?


Or will be yes I suppose. I have experience with .308 bolt actions :wink: I’m stoked and cannot wait to get out to the range with the Mosins. My wife hasn’t fired a rifle if you don’t count my 9mm carbine. She does have extensive experience with .45 ACP and .357 Sig handguns however so she isn’t a noob.


Make sure she has good form with the mosin. Mine knocked my aunt over. On second thought just video it. You might get famous.I


She laughed when I told her that. Haha. Internet famous for the win!!


my mosin is a big blast to shoot. DO NOT FEAR THE RECOIL. i find its bark worse then its bite. a joy to shoot. non corrosive? i assume. but it loves to shoot clean. keep clean in your mind and you have a fine rifle to give to grandkids. to shoot it in low light is better than the fourth of july. mostly E N J O Y !!! (while we still got em.)


Hi James
If you ever wonder if some of your ammo is corrosive you can do a “ white nail test”. Grab a board and go buy a bullet hammer $14.00 and a box of white nails. They are not coated with anything hens “ white”. Take the bullet hammer and one of the cartridges in question. Remove the projectile and power from the case. Put a nail into the board, and set the empty brass or steel with primer on the nail “ casing covering the inch or so of nail sticking out of the board”. Strike the primer with a punch ( wear safety glasses). Wait 24 hours and remove the case. If the nail has started to rust the ammo is Corrosive. Happy science!


Use a collet bullet puller if possible works better and isnt so dangerous!