Just cast some 9mm bullets

Doesn’t work well in high humidity environments. If I didn’t have a powder coat gun I would use the way method.


Mac82, the picture taken of the frying pan of bullets… by weight 740 of them.

Today started out absolutely gorgeous, cool and low humidity with no wind. So I started casting again. Like the other day, the heat and humidity came in but I still cast 1141, again, by weight. No pix. I put them all together in one carton after weighing.

No doubt I’ll find more culls as I coat them but today in casting I only found maybe 10 and non of them were due to bad bases.

Now I’m waiting for a rainy day so that I can coat them. Maybe tomorrow will be that day.

I was going to load the 2k Berrys bullets that I have. But I think I’ll put them on the shelf and load what I’ve been casting. I need to work up a load to test them anyway. Before I sink more time into something that might not work. Though I can’t imagine why they won’t.


They’ll work just fine


Whew! That’s a lot of bullets!

It took me 2+ hours to give all the bullets their first coating. One more coat to apply then I can size them.

Moisinv’, One other advantage to coating them rather than lubing with waxy grease, they are totally encapsulated greatly reducing airborne lead. That’s why cans stay cleaner with encapsulated bullets.