Just got in the mail


Belong to a Canadian Forum that has a giveaway and guess what just showed up at the door.


Congrats. Cool new toy. Cool new FREE toy. Even better.


Free stuff rocks, like always.


Great score! I’m an Aimpoint guy, mostly because I used them at work for years. Let’s see what rifle you choose to put it on!!


willing be mounting it on my CZ/VZ58, just have decide if I am going with a body cover rail or a side mount scope mount


I’ve always loved the concept of the VZ58 but never shot one. I’m assuming a side mount rail would be more accurate?


torn on that, I can get a hand guard with a rail but concerned that the eye relief being to far forward, but it just might co-witnes with the iron. A body cover with rail, might too far back and the side mount, drilling and tapping and concern about zero.