Just how do you shoot your foot like that?


Yep, we covered this in our podcast last night, among many other things. We had a blast.


no different than tacticool cops or wanna be operators that shoot themselve in the knee, leg, foot or partners because they strap a rifle to their chest and reverse port it all the while hand on the grip


In the case of this guy, he had his finger on the trigger while he holstered it, then blamed the holster for his own mistake.


Jeez… I’ve taught teenage girls to shoot that have better trigger discipline.


Keep your booger hook off the bang switch!


I have a neighbor that took the meat off his toes with a shoot gun using bean bag rounds. At point blank range they are crushing! Maintaining good trigger control and not becoming complacent is obviously important with all firearms.


When I was going through training, we had a guy plant a round through his foot while on the rifle range. Drill was “look, turn, raise, shoot”, where you are starting 90 degrees from your target. Unfortunately, this winner did “look, shoot” and shot clean through his boot and foot.