Just saying hello


Prepper10 saying hello. I suffer from the knife and gun disease. Taking a brief break from sharpening and shooting in preparation for the collapse. This looked like a good place to rest my back before burying another cache.


Support group chants

Hi Prepper10


Hello and welcome to the forum. Stick around. You’ll like it here.


Hello and welcome. I think we all suffer from the same problem. We’re here to support you.


Support, or enable? :wink:


Wait, is there a difference?




Welcome to the Hospital…:dagger::gun:



Welcome @Prepper10
We all suffer the same addiction! We’re a support group? Meh, definitely enablers!!



I like Gerber knives (though I do have a couple of knives that are not Gerber).

Anything you have on Gerber knives - would be great.




We can be enablers and supporters!


Welcome! The first step in solving a problem… , assuming it’s actually a problem. Lol


I’m on the road to recovery.

Just kidding, on the road to the range.