Just to let you all know... AK AK AK AK


I am posting this here because I know some of you don’t know who I am, If you would like to join me for some of these shows. I do them every Thursday and Saturday at 8:30 pm Central on my YouTube channel live! My next show will be about… not sure. Something about the use of AK’s in some far off land.


I’ve watched a couple of your videos and like them (still think Zeke Jr gets a bum wrap) and I do like these live stream events, please keep posting about them, remind everyone, hopefully more FULL30 members will stop in!!


@ZEKESHOOTS and I have been talking about Iraqi clones. I started doing an Iraq Yugo clone. I’m using an N-Pap as the base rifle. During my last Youtube stream I showed the stock all decorated Iraqi style. My Iraq clone will be on going on my channel.


Who is @ZEKESHOOTS ? I heard he knocked the barrel pin out of a Saiga with a very small hammer. At least that’s what I heard on another channel’s video.


Oh. You mean the trippy video that zeak guy did? Never heard of her.


Yes, Zeek, did a completely serious video on the Saiga pin that is now providing cover for others’ videos that used way big hammer, and much pounding of the rifle. This Zieke video was his best attempt. Although I think he needs a better camera, because the edges of the picture were blurring together with different colors and everything. But with that said Zeekee, did her best to try to keep up with the true arbitrator of the AK.


You watched a couple of @ZEKESHOOTS videos. I thought he only had one video…the one where he removed the Saiga barrel pin…with teeny weenie tiny hammer. I better check out this Zeke.


That. Now that is heavy. The video was so good you are saying that people thought it was serious?!


Surely her strength must be outstanding.


They did indeed think it was serious. :persevere:


Strength beyond the Saiga pin.


No - Glock said the video was so grainy that she, Zeik that is, appeared to be an xpurt with a tiny tool. Otters have not ben so flattening. waahaaaa.


Thank goodness it wasn’t me. Lol.