Juxxi migration update

Great news… Step 1 of the redirect plan is complete so you will see that when you go to upload. We will have the entire 7-step plan completed within 5 business days.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 12.51.25 PM.png

If you encounter any issues during this time please reach out to Juxxi Support via the chat bubble on the page or email support@juxxi.com.

The plan:

  1. COMPLETE Turn off uploading on Full30 - this step MUST happen first to ensure we successfully migrate all the content from Full30 to Juxxi.
  2. Migrate new content
  3. Update view counts
  4. Update subscriptions
  5. Update comments
  6. Run script to make sure already established content still works
  7. Redirect Full30.com to Juxxi/cat/firearms (blog.full30.com and forum.full30.com will not change)

Thank you for your continued support.