Keeping spares and keeping your rifle going long term



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What parts ?


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Murphy sez when something breaks that will be the only part you don’t have.


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I have several parts kits and BCG repair kits for both large and small frame AR’s. Most are Armalite kits but I do have a D. Wilson kit for DPMS based 308 AR BCG’s. Several extra barrels of assorted configurations, gas blocks, gas tubes, FCG’s, basically several extra rifles waiting to be put together. I also have parts kits for all my pistols, besides extra magazines a parts kit is the first thing I look for when I buy a new pistol. Never can have enough spare parts :+1:


AR-15 spare parts.

AK-47 spare parts.


I figured you’d have a tackle box full…


Those are my going to the range boxes of parts.
Here is my inventory.


That’s more like it, that’s what I expected!:sunglasses:


What do you have for your Tavor?


Chiming in… I have 2 bolt rebuild kits for the TAVOR and the X95 for each rifle we own. Hahahhahaa they include firing pins. I also have trigger groups.


Not that much lol just trigger parts and a firing pin thus far


Totally agree you need full parts sets for firearm parts.
I also try to keep a stock of replacement bbls or at least blanks that could be. I have had enough squibs over the years I got worried about this and started buying backup bbls. (no, not reloads, just a lot of milsurp).

Mostly I look for the parts that would be tricky to make from scratch, those are the things you need back up for. Springs and such can be made pretty easily from piano wire.

If I get too many backups they tend to become whole firearms which sort of defeats the purpose.


I am not sure if whole firearms actually do defeat the purpose of having spare parts. Much easier to grab a new rifle that has already been function tested than to take the time to figure out what went wrong… (situation dependent of course!)
I think there is a balance to it all. Having complete spare uppers and lowers, ready to go is not a bad thing. Having all the little parts is a good thing too. Not having to rely of of just one rifle is a good thing…
Something I am slowly working on is to have a spare bolt action rifle in all my rifle calibers. I keep searching for a good .223 bolt gun… I have not found one I love so far… maybe because I am just not a big fan of bolt guns. Hahhaha
They are what they are…
As for brands, my lists is constantly changing… we have had great success with FN barrels. Not the most accurate thing out there, but decent. They last, that’s what is great about them. You can buy them, or, you can buy them in Spikes Tactical assembled uppers (they offer 2 with FN barrels) ready to go.


Yep, cerakote bolts… but they are carefully mashed off and only when a customer does a special request.


Something else to watch out for… even top of the line companies sometimes fall short on how they engineer a part or an attachment.
Hand guards are a big one. Everyone seems they want to reinvent the wheel… I could care less about brand. I want robust and reliable, with out needing to work out like Dwayne Johnson to carry my firearm.
Some companies get this… Aero Precision and LWRC know how to attach a rail to a receiver.
Fortis figured out how to do it very well too… with all their rail designs. While the tried and true mil spec is great and reliable… it leaves things to be desired when accuracy and adjustment is necessary.
So here is a pet peeve I have… about the new Ruger bolt guns. The extractor. Does anyone have a source? I have been trying off and on for over a year to get one. Phone calls, emails, even asking on instagrame… zero response. You know what that tells me? Screw that brand… hahhahahhahahaaaa


I had the same results with there SR-762. I tried everything to get them to sell me a bolt catch, no dice. They would give me one if I had a serial number to provide for warranty work but no way were they going to sell me a catch. Wanted it for a Matrix receiver which is where they got their receivers from but without a Ruger serial number they would not do it, said they had no way to do it??? I swore off Ruger when Bill said I didn’t need more than a ten round magazine so no love from me.


Tikka/Sako make the best non-custom bolties,imo.
The action is super smooth, the .223 rifle is on par with all their other stuff.


Oh yes… I like them. Great rifles and they use excellent steel. I just have a hard time falling in love… hahhahahaa