Keeping spares and keeping your rifle going long term


That’s true…
Had a detective tell me years ago that there was no need for me to carry a pistol. I countered his statement with “then there is no need for you to carry yours, or your bulletproof vest, or that MP-5 A3 you have in the trunk”
He shut up…



I am not convinced “battle field” pick ups are going to be “everywhere”. Also, I will take my guns over beat to shit full auto military issued stuff, ymmv. I know my firearms have been maintained properly, I do not know that with a “pick up” and from all I have read the militaries idea of maintenance is “less than desirable”.



What that prepper saying? 1 is none, 2 is one. I like having 2 identical guns and thinking of them as 1 gun with spare parts. Better yet, have 4 of them!



Good point. From a “prepper” standpoint my 3 ARs actually equate to a single rifle in a long term (talking months to years scenario) SHTF. My AK and SKS turn into emergency replacement/loaners.

Key to long term sustainability is that whatever your primary/daily carry will be, have a good selection of common parts that WILL fail sooner or later. On a AR (DI at least) that means gas rings, ejectors and extractors along with springs, firing pins, spare bolt (have head space gauges with that), gas tubes, etc…

Whatever someone chooses, it just makes sense to have spare parts.




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