Welcome aboard!!
I have two Dead Air silencers.
A Sandman S and a Mask.
Love them both!!

Dead Air in the House

Welcome Keith(lots ‘o numbers)
Glad you’ve joined us.
Please take a minute, start a new thread here in the intro section and tell us a bit more about yourself.
We have a good group here and I hope you’ll join in.


Shhh :shushing_face: I moved this, we’ll have a little surprise party for Keith429421

Hi Keith!


welcome to the party!


Thanks guys!!
A little about me.
I’m a retired firefighter/EMT from Oklahoma with 22 years of service. I got my teaching degree after I retired and taught fifth grade for a while.
I now work at a Technology Center. I head a Tech Center consisting of five campuses. We do adult training as well as safety and business classes, including firefighting, EMT and now paramedic.
I’ve been hunting/shooting since I was eight. Been reloading since I was 10.
Glad to be here!
I’m glad to see those with similar interests have a place to gather and I really enjoy the videos on Full 30!!


Sounds like we have a lot of contributions to look forward to :sunglasses:

was wondering how the suprise would go, we get such a diverse group of people theres just no predicting a reaction these days :upside_down_face:

wonders did reply meet 5th grade expectations :thinking:


Welcome to the forum. Those are two of my favorites!


Welcome to Full30 @Keith429421 Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome @Keith429421!


Welcome to full30 forum!


Welcome Keith!


Welcome @Keith429421


Welcome to full30!


Welcome Keith.


Welcome Keith!


Welcome to the Forum. Thank you for your service to your community as a firefighter and EMT!


Welcome, Keith.

Hope you enjoy Full30.


Thanks everyone!!
I really appreciate all the kind words!!
This is already prooof that there’s a lot of friendly folks here!!
Thanks again!!


Thanks Robert!! You get an “A” for the day!!


considers taking the day off so as not to ruin it… :thinking:


You are welcome sir. Thank you!!