Kel tec. Is it worth the money?


Anyone like the Kel- tech folding AR in 223? Have considered getting the 9mm rifle but can’t decide between the two.


I have almost bought the kel-tec SU-16 I think that the only reason that I haven’t and most likely won’t is because I attempt to be logical with 223/556 rifles. If I really needed to use a rifle for a bad situation and the option was a su-16 or a run of the mill ar15, I always choose the ar15. Don’t get me wrong I think that it is a awesome idea, and I have never heard a bad review. They are extremely light rifles as well.


I had one of the first Kel tec sub 2000 9mm’s. It was fun when it worked! Trigger was awful, jammed a good bit with the 33 round glock mags, and the 1st time I let my asshole brother try it, the trigger broke in half! I sent it back, they hauled ass& got it back to me quick. Still jammed a lot. You get what you pay for imho. Junk! Ok for the range, i would not trust my life to the brand!


Thank you for that. I like yourself have my good old Ruger sr15. That’s my battle rifle. In a pinch I can toss someone a mag and they all fit and parts are available all over. I was just thinking about one for back packing.

S.Sgt 45th\43rd Idaho Lightfoot Militia. Rich Labonte


I’ve heard of the early models being junk. The new ones are supposed to be better. I want one just for back packing where weight is more an issue. I have a Ruger SR15 for when it gets real. Thanks

S.Sgt 45th\43rd Idaho Lightfoot Militia. Rich Labonte


Well hell Rich if you already have a sr15, nice rifle by the by, and you have the money sure I think you should get one. It’s a perfect backpack rifle!


Bought a Kel-Tec PMR-30 last December as an xmas present to myself… It was horribly unreliable and down right dangerous. So I sold it earlier this year and bought two Mosins instead.

I am a sample set of one but I wasn’t a fan of the fit and finish of it or the Sub 2k that I ran. Both felt cheaply made (the polymer was pretty thin). Again, a sample set of one here.


Thanks. I guess your not the only one that has said that.

S.Sgt 45th\43rd Idaho Lightfoot Militia. Rich Labonte


I bought a Keltec KSG, so far love the shotgun…I have heard also that there old stuff were a little shite but apparently they are sprucing up a bit. I ought to contact them, since they are located in my state, maybe I’ll do a review???..cheers!



My wife’s experience on the firearm!!


almost a bloke on the range flavour mid way…