Kevlar body armor torture test


We hit this Kevlar body armor with the biggest we had in regards to handguns, and still nothing penetrated.


I wish I knew someone with one of those body armors they are going to destroy so I can test my PS90 on it. :wink:


The P90 is likely to go right through most armor. The 5.7 round has a very small cross section and is moving at a very high rate of speed.


But I wanna SEEEEEEE it!! Haha.


I was at the range and thought of your PS 90 and the ammo wasn’t cheap but it wasn’t crazy expensive either.


I have another one of these panels. I’ll have to see if I can get something in 5.7x28


The basic American Eagle ammo is like the cost of .45 ACP. The self defense stuff is a few dollars more.


I don’t think the ammo is high enough for me to not buy one if I really want one. I was pleasantly surprised.