Kimber Micro 9- Weird Primer Strikes

My EDC gun is a little Kimber Micro 9. I’ve only had it for a few months but I really like this little gun. The one issue that I have is the primer strikes. This gun has yet to have a FTF of any sort. Runs like a champ. BUT when you look at the primers on the spent casings, you would swear they were light primer strikes. There is barely a dimple in some of them yet every single one has fired.

Is this an issue I should be concerned with? I kind of wonder just because it’s working now, could these become actual light strikes later on?

Would like some thoughts and opinions from those more knowledgeable with gunsmithing than myself.


Post a pic of the primers


I don’t have any on hand to post but have a 10mm that barely marks the primers at all, let alone dimple, and they go off :man_shrugging:


Will try to get a pic up this weekend. I will have to dig a few out of the reload pile.