Kit Gun When?

Now guys and maybe gals, I’ve seen some pretty nice Glockamole kits. From what I’ve seen, these things can be fun and reliable.
I’ve seen Al here inform us about 1911 kits, and I’ve talked to folks who’ve built their own rifles, but I’ve never ever seen any kind of a kit to build your own single action.
Sure, folks today could argue, probably successfully, that the disaster currently being brought on by lunatics and traitors in high places will require lots more ammunition than 6. So, why then do you need to make something with such limited capacity???
I suppose my response would be uh, maybe cuz it’s fun?
Anyhow, I wouldn’t expect Freedom Arms to suddenly release a model 97 in kit form, but it would be pretty nice.


That sounds like a business plan for you to explore. An 80% revolver would be an interesting concept.


Typical 1911 80% build:
Hammer and sear holes
Rails/ slide fitting
Barrel seat

Typical AR build
FCG pocket
Trigger and hammer holes
Selector hole

80% S/A Revolver build?
Hammer and trigger holes?
Trigger cut?
Set the barrel depth/ ream forcing cone?
Fit the grip frame?
Face and time the cylinder/ fit pawl?

Big difference is 1911’s, AR’s, and striker fired plastics are designed for interchangeability, worn part replacement, in the case of 1911 some fitting but still fairly interchangeable and parts for all 3 can be had by the boatload. Not so with revolvers. Base pins and grips are about it. Numrich has cylinders, sometimes barrels, several manufacturers have springs, but just not the spare parts market the others enjoy? Require?


That one would be a critical fit. unless a person knew what they was doing would be best to let someone else do that.


I bought a second cylinder for my Rossi Cyclops and had to time it, the second cylinder I got for the Smith felt good to me but I think Gunny tuned it up a bit. Numrich had enough rossi cylinders that I wasn’t worried about screwing up.
I would put it at the same skill level as properly fitting a barrel, link, and feet on a 1911. Different skill, but same skill level. Both all about timing.


In essence, the semi auto pistol is one of the simplest of all rock throwing machines. Probably the most complex would be the double action revolver.
I’m not sure exactly how to overcome the fitting of bolt and hand, though I imagine it is essentially an issue of tolerances.
Still, if the timing and lockup requirements could be solved with precision machining, then following previous kits, it would probably be a matter of final clearing of the trigger opening in the bottom of the frame, and whatever pin holes would need to be drilled. It is possible to build revolvers with various interchangeable barrel lengths via a shroud, so the ejector would need to be fixed, that is if one was even used. Single Actions are naturals for simple cylinder swaps, and the interchangeable barrel system screams multical capability.
Simple drill / tap the topstrap would make any gun optics friendly, and similarly, grip frames could be mixed and matched. No reason why one couldn’t do chariots, or simple stainless steel.
Anyhow, I think the idea of a fully customizable single action isn’t a bad one. I think it could bring some much needed flexibility to the platform.


Oh doggone spellchecker again. Woke-ists changed cerakote to chariots…


I was going to google that, sounded pretty cool…


Been done, I dont know if they still are out there, but a few years ago there was a company selling kits for Peace Makers, single action Colts.