Knife Life and The Sharp Obsession

Hey all!

I’m a huge knifenut, anything sharp and pointy gets my blood flowing. I’m sure there is some crossover between the knife and gun guys so sound off!

I’m really excited for some of the new releases this year including the new ZT collabs, as anyone who listens to the podcast I host (The Modern Neanderthal Podcast) knows.




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I collect Camillus knives. They went out of business in 2007 and now made in China. puke
I love big knives, but mainly buy production versions. Beckers, Ontario, Kbar.
Military style knives are my passion tho.

Always a sad thing when a company losses its way.

My current carry


ESEE is my EDC… :grin:


I spent some time at the TOPS booth at SHOT this week. I was really impressed by the quality of the blade I received in a previous BattlBox so I thought I would go give them a look.

Wow, is about all I can say. I’m usually not a fan of fixed blade knives, but they had me seriously reconsidering the decision to carry strictly folding knives.

I’ll have to give your podcast a listen some time.

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That’s awesome, I’ll have to check out their new lineup!

Love my ESEE.


I know it doesn’t count without a picture, but my favorite knife currently is the Spyderco Yojimbo, I love a Wharncliffe blade profile, I was never a fan of Spyderco but when I saw the Yojimbo I figured what the hell, and I was not disappointed. There is just something strangely satisfying about the sound a well-made knife makes when you snap it open ! Being as sharp as a laser beam doesn’t hurt either.


Knives and other sharp objects were my obsession up until I got my first rifle. I still love a good knife and have a lot of friends that are knifemakers. In fact I am waiting on a large hollow handle knife to be finished up by my friend Sam Wilson. It will have a 9"x 2"x 1/4" CPM-3V blade. I generally don’t trust hollow handle knives but with his I can do pull ups or hang off the handle and I am 285lbs. I also dabble in designing my own knives but trying to find a knifemaker to make it has become rather difficult these days. What I generally carry these days is a Zero Tolerance 452CF. It is my favorite folder because it’s a good sized blade yet slim and carries very well.


I love this topic. I’m also a knife nut, and that was my passion before I got enough disposable income to graduate up to the smoke makers. I’m blessed to make my home in Oregon which has very friendly knife regulations due to the fact that so many manufacturers are around here.

I know this is bragging, but I have photos of myself alongside both Chief “Patches” Watson and Bill Harsey at a show here in Eugene several years ago. Just sayin… :slight_smile: They both signed some knives for me too.

I’m a manufacturing engineer and through professional connections I’ve been lucky enough to get an extended tour through the Benchmade factory. Great people making great products right here in the USA! Here’s a stock image of my EDC which I got at the Benchmade factory store. This thing is indestructible. I wouldn’t be without it.


They are alot of fun to make.


I was considering picking up a Bowie knife from poshland.

One of the YouTubers I watch put up a review of this thing, and says its an amazing knife (scholagladiatoria). Its just a little pricey for me.

This pic shows a few of mine but is 6 months old so I have added several more since then. I usually buy cheaper knives in case I lose or damage them but am not opposed to buying quality knives if I see the benefit in them.


guns and knives go together like peanut butter and jelly


I have several zero tolerance knives.
I’ll try to post some pictures later.

Also a huge fan of Red Horse Knifeworks.
I’m Good friends with Ed Kim. He has some amazing designs and is a perfectionist. Check his
Stuff out if you haven’t already

For the knife, I like the kubey folding knife. It is very sharp and beautiful.


I was under the impression anything too long to be considered a knife was a machete or short sword.

That said, very nice work.


A knife I just finished, a fully integral full tang.
If you are interested pm me.