Knife Life and The Sharp Obsession


My EDC these days, a Columbia River Knife & Tool M16-01S. Very inexpensive, bought it for $20 at Wal-Mart a long time ago.

Not a brag-worthy piece, but it does its job well and it’s easy to disassemble/reassemble. Smooth and the tension is adjustable. The longitudinal CG falls right under my index finger when I grip it.


EDC,Kershaw speedsafe. tanto stays sharp real fast,and it’s tough! Open paint cans all the time.Its a tool!


I love ESSEE knives. They make some of the best utility real outdoor use knives around and the sheaths that come with them are excellent. The funny thing is the one I use for carry the most is my collaboration of ESSEE and KBar in the ESKBAR neck knife. My folders for EDC are usually Spyderco’s Benchmade and I have a Tops Mil-spie folder that is one of my favorite folders.



Well, I love fishing. I use fisherman knife. It is ergonomic and suitable for me.


My 2 edc knives sog & mora




Just a few from the collection.


German dagger made in Solingen. Vet bring back from WW2.


Wow! That is the THING!


USN MK2 original.


So am I gonna get shamed for only having Bucks?
I have a 110 that I’ve had as long as I can remember, a 119 that’s a replacement for one I left on my bumper (still got the original sheath though) and a Vintage Force -Select that’s my pocket knife. They’ve lasted well and never failed me and they fit my meager budget.


I have a few knives, here’s one.


That’s a beauty!!!


I have always wanted a 119. Never got around to getting one.


Browning black label 440 stainless. Mounted on my edc



Ooh I like that one!


That’s a lot of knife! I like it!