Knife Life and The Sharp Obsession


Buck 110. I’ve had mine for about 35 years.
Isn’t the 119 the knife that O.J. used…I mean reported to have owned?




I’d like to make a strong suggestion

punt that quick

I had a similar S&W auto and learned the hard way the value of a lock on an auto

I will not have another auto without a lock, they can and will close on your hand under hard use,
if its just a box opener no problem

My current carry is a Gerber and I use it as a pry bar, hammer, beer opener etc with no issue’s, well, banged the aluminum handle a bit as a hammer :yum:



I agree, I don’t carry an auto without a lock.


Dude what is that? That’s a nice knife.


I’ve had a lot of knives sent in to me for reviews, here’s an interesting one.


The only knife I use consistently. Ordered from ‘Track of the Wolf’ on a whim and still a decade later I couldn’t be happier…


I was fortunate enough today to hold and photograph a piece of history that was brought back by my grandfather.


Does anyone practically use a bayonet? Are they just hunks of steel at this point? I have a reverence for them but rarely do I find myself grabbing one as a go to other than a box opener.



Yes, and they still have a purposes. In any case I own and recommend them.


Oh I have a few. Also, they’re a good excuse to make a gif of me cutting wire!


Just wanted to share some great examples oh knifework. Video is rather old, but still interesting.