Knife Life and The Sharp Obsession


I agree, I don’t carry an auto without a lock.


Dude what is that? That’s a nice knife.


I’ve had a lot of knives sent in to me for reviews, here’s an interesting one.


The only knife I use consistently. Ordered from ‘Track of the Wolf’ on a whim and still a decade later I couldn’t be happier…


I was fortunate enough today to hold and photograph a piece of history that was brought back by my grandfather.


Does anyone practically use a bayonet? Are they just hunks of steel at this point? I have a reverence for them but rarely do I find myself grabbing one as a go to other than a box opener.



Yes, and they still have a purposes. In any case I own and recommend them.


Oh I have a few. Also, they’re a good excuse to make a gif of me cutting wire!


Just wanted to share some great examples oh knifework. Video is rather old, but still interesting.


Got this knife sent in to the studio a while back, It’s really nice, I like it a lot.


Here’s one for you:

Custom made for me by a very talented 15 y.o. Friend of my kid.
He is an amazing woodworker and recently won a local woodworking competition by making a small working replica pinball machine entirely out of wood.
He started into knives a couple of years ago and I decided to give him some encouragement by having him create a custom knife for me…this is his first paid creation.


Just a few of my pointy things.


Thanks for the podcasts. Didn’t know it existed. I will add this to my list.




After a 2 month backorder I received 2 of the new Gerber Flatiron knives and I am impressed…It is a Cleaver/Straight Razor style knife and the price is outstanding…you won’t be disappointed…best $30 you will spend on a knife…


You can’t leave us hanging without a pic.
Come on. Out with it.



there you go…


A couple of my boot knives