Knife Life and The Sharp Obsession


I like knives. :wink:

Got a couple more not pictured and one got cut off on the last image. Oh, I also don’t discriminate between cheap, affordable and expensive or new vs old. I get what I like and could suit me. :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh and that katana on the bottom is hand forged carbon steel that’s been sharpened like a razor. It will probably cut you in half.

If anyone wants to see one up close let me know.

edit 2
Had to fix a couple of the images removing the engraved family name off my katana.


So jealous right now of That Gerber!


I see your boot knives and raise you two more!

Top is a Gerber Mark1. Bottom is a American Blades-27


Connecticut assault victim gets 18 months in jail for stabbing attacker

CT is starting to sound like a foreign country. Those kids are lucky that he chose to stab one in the leg and not in the chest.


Just got this in the mail today:

Made my day when I opened it up. Feels really good too, though I have no idea what the steel actually is yet. I sent them an email asking if the could supply that info, or if they could provide me the manufacturer so I could ask them that question myself.


It’s probably 440 stainless. I highly doubt it’s carbon or surgical steel. I hope I’m wrong.


Nuttin fancy, but there isn’t a day I don’t carry one.

BTW, the pink one belongs to my wife so no wise cracks from the peanut gallery please :blush:.



your wife is smart for carrying a blade nothing wrong with pink :+1:


Ok, does anyone know what the heck this is? I bought it along with a Civil War field desk in Ohio last night. Is it Spanish? I have no idea.


Could be Robert. I know it came from Florida and the previous owner thought it was old, claiming Spanish Colonial but with no provenance I got it for a steal. The faint file marks on the blade give a clue to its age. The file cuts are not equidistant, so that suggests a handmade file. I figured I would bounce it off you guys here. There’s always someone out there that knows more than me!


No clue, but I love it. You know you always stumble across the most interesting stuff Brother.


Great looking blade did it happen to come with a Scabbard or sheath?


@SAK No unfortunately. Just as you see it.


ThisOldGun, What’s the length of the blade.


SAK67, the blade is 15 1/2”, OAL is 21”. Very small handle. At least for my hands anyway. I got it bundled with a desk and other stuff. Couldn’t pass it up even if it’s not an honest piece because of everything else that came with it.

Edit: Here’s the lot the blade came with.


Who do you like for Karambit’s ?


Depends on whether it’s folding or fixed, single or double edged, for a chest rig or daily carry, budget or price no object, etc. The FOX brand of karambits are very popular. You might like:


Update from my previous post.
My first Kydex project:

I think it came out very well, thanks to a buddy of mine who guided me through the process.
Now my custom blade can go with me on my next coyote hunt.


Nice job. What kind of steel is that?


It’s 1095 steel, it’s been treated with cold blue to keep it from rusting. And thank you!