Knife Life and The Sharp Obsession


Knives and guns… These are a few of my favorite things!
I’m new to the forum, but my buddy and I make knives so I am sure this will be a regular thread for me.
This is one we did for the guys over at Hellbent Holsters. They are just outside Austin in Spice wood TX. Awesome guys! And they make some pretty killer holsters too.


I love making knives, but I wish I had more time for it, as I tend to get lost in the process and they take me a long time to finish.


It does become work at some point, but I find it to be very rewarding in the end.


It’s becoming one of those dark arts that’s pretty fun! I’m doing some re-furbs and I’ll put them up here when the first batch is done, some kydex bending as well to update EDC for old american classics I can’t stand to see go to rust. Great thread!


Missing a couple from back home, but these are the ones I usually bring overseas.


Nice Emerson!


Even better! It’s a Kershaw! :smile:

Seriously, I’ve got a number or Emerson knives, and Kershaw would never send out a knife as badly finished as the best Emerson I own.


You’re both right! It’s a Kershaw CQC-4KXL, Emerson designed and Kershaw made. It was my first “serious” EDC knife, but I don’t carry it as much any more because I have options.