Kodi - often enough to be dangerous


So that dreaded time to clip dead add-ons is here, and as usual I do this often enough to not recall how to do it efficiently, removed everything after deciding to bite the bullet and do the even more dreaded update

uh huh

heres what you get


so, now that thats out, which of my many back up is legit and decent



I have no idea what i’m looking at here. Where do the bullets go on this type of gun?


Been using Kodi to stream for years. Most of the time I like it. But over time, fewer and fewer streams work. That’s when it’s time to start updates and find the new must have apps. Neptune rising was working great up till about a month ago, now it’s giving me trouble. Genesis reborn is OK.


Sounds like Robert is having relationship problems with a guy named Kodi


This is why i have friends that are computer nerds… i can barely use windows. Ironically, I can tune the shit out of a GM computer.
While we’re on the subject, somebody tell me how to get that damn tool bar thingy off the side of my screen and back to the bottom where it belongs. :grimacing:


Dragging worked. I guess i should mention that this laptop was dropped and, ever since, the mouse pad has been messed up. Likes to do weird stuff like relocate things all on its own.


Oh… GM = General Motors. The computer that is in your Silverado, Camaro, Corvette…