Kudzu Rats and Coyotes

Now that I am greedy and have been visiting a 400 acre land plot all alone, I have been ridding an area of pesky rodents for the land owner. Beavers, Muskrats, Groundhogs and Coyotes.

Uberti Winchester 73’ 44-40
Marlin 1894CB 44-40

Most shots are between 35 and 60 yards, with steep slopes on the surrounding sides.

Here are a few more photos.

Coyote was shot at about 51 yards and ran about 60 yards. I looked for him three days later. He was shot at the red circle to the right and found found at the red circle to the left.

Of course, this shot is in the middle of a 200 acre track.


Stinking Coyotes, and Pesky Marmets … cant stand either one.
One kills my meat the other tears up my property