Ladies Only Poll - What should we do with the Women & Guns Section?

Please only ladies respond. It was created for women, so we should decide what is done. I’ll leave this open for 7 days. Feel free to vote and comment.

Some are of the mind that a Women’s section isn’t necessary. Once a woman finds a place like this, her interest is apparent and she will benefit from input from everyone. On the occasion there is a question that a woman’s input is needed, it can be stated as such in the title. Also there’s not much activity there at present. In an effort to clean up the forum, should we -

  • Dissolve it - topics in the section move to other categories.
  • Keep it for now and see how it goes
  • Keep it no matter what

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EQuinn I applaud your effort and with respect for the integrity of your poll offer no public opinion except to say I will support the outcome the Ladies choose.

(secretly eyes new man cave space)


Just keeping this fresh so people will see it.

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Do we really have only 3 ladies here? I think there’s more. Come on out and vote!


Sorry, I ignored the “ladies only” part and voted to keep it. I tend to color outside the lines :no_mouth:

After some internal debate, we’ve decided to leave the ‘Women & Guns’ section alone for now.