Ladies with Guns


To show how ladies can and do, enjoy the gun world, defensive and hunting, let’s have some discussion and post some pictures of ladies involved in the gun world (and please, no nudity or unladylike photos or comments).

Hoping to encourage ladies of all ages to join and enjoy the gun world.


This little thing was trying out firearms for the first time. She did well.


Here are some starter photos:



Here’s a couple more pictures:


My wife shooting. Also got my sister and mom into it. My ftiends mom got hooked a while back and now runs beginner training courses for a business. Pretty cool. Usually women make up 75% of her classes. They started a womans only class to draw in some of the more timid ones. Nothing better than seeing all those smiles when the first shot breaks :wink:


My wife shoots lefty. She is right eye dominant. I know, I know. I have tried ti get her to switch but she likes what she likes and I am just happy she likes to go to the range. She is a very good shot.


For sure. Shooting both eyes open is definitly the way to go. Thats how I shoot my scoped rifles as well. Much much better.


my favorite ex-wife… first time at the range, first time revolvering :slight_smile:


do not use stereotypes… and don’t be jealous …


He dosnt mess around with male strippers at all, he is not you, Roberta. Be best


If she’s a good shot, leave her alone. It’s all about having a good time shooting.


Welcome to the Ladies with Guns thread, GunLady.

Great to have you here.


She’s doing better than I would have with a revolver. Great video!


You can’t keep a good guy down! I’m living out of a suitcase but I’m still here. I need to unwrap the guns. What happens when you move and run out of gun cases? Bubble wrap and old wrapping paper!


@ThisOldGun, Santa don’t forget to stop at my house, please!