Larue special trigger sale $80

For those who don’t like 2 stage triggers, this includes the new single stage trigger!

Gun rights under brand new wave of attacks !!!

If you’ve been “triggered” by the new attacks on our 2nd Amendment, here’s your chance to throw a good solid punch.

Nolo time again !!

The first 5 runs of 1,000 Nolo Dillos were gone in minutes/hours for all 1,000 Nolo $50 Contribution Dillos. To all of you that snapped up one or more from the 1st thru 5th run - thank you. You put $250,000 straight into the fight.

Not dillos this time - - - - > It’s a Nolo Christmas MBT trigger sale (and with free Christmas gift wrap like last year if you check that box)

Buy any one of our four different crazy-popular trigger models at our discounted Nolo Christmas Sale Price - $80 each, and $10 bucks of every trigger goes to Team Nolo .
10,000 triggers puts $100,000 bucks into Team Nolos War Chest to drive on with their well placed 2nd Amendment fight … for Stephen Stamboulieh (aka “Nolo Contendre” on to defray the costs of their 2nd Amendment legal battles they are embroiled in … for plane tickets, hotel rooms, UBER fees, etc. I’ve watched Stephen carrying all of our 2A waters for years and it’s again time to pass the plate.

You know your $10 bill will land straight into the fight.
Since you’re reading this … you know I rarely step off the plate to do fundraisers, so when I do, I try to make it worth your while.
We have plenty of the extremely popular MBT 2-stage triggers on the shelf, and we are slowly grinding out the new MBT single stages … but it’s like watching NASA move the Saturn rocket over to the launch pad (so keep that in mind as you order).

10,000 triggers also gets us closer to crossing over the 100,000th LaRue MBT trigger mark too … it’s looking like we will have shipped our 100,000th MBT trigger before Christmas this year. (insert dancing banana here)
From all of us at here at LaRue Tactical …
Not One More Inch!



I have not tried the single stage trigger, but I like his 2 stage and have several.


I love 2 stage triggers.