Last Step in BP cartridge loading

Note: A step missed on case prep, you must bell the end of the case to get the cast pill started. The universal belling tool sucks. Get one for each caliber. I have two, 45 and 30.
Fits everything. You can figure how to use one.


Two types, taper and roll.

Taper is what 90% of seating dies do. You use it on all jacketed projectiles. Mag fed rounds & cast need a harder crimp.

Roll is what you use for all cast. It holds the pill in place, and gives a consistent burn time.
Casters prefer to use the roll crimp die. Some calibers come with roll crimp dies. 45Colt, 357, and 45/70 depending on who’s dies you buy.

Most use universal crimp dies. I have them back up. But then I have lots as back up.


Hello, my friend
The only metallic cartridge BP I load is 45 colt, but, I do load a lot of lead in 44 mag, 44 sp, 45 colt, 454 casull, 357 mag etc and have been doing so for a long time…
My take:
Almost if not all revolver caliber die sets and caliber specific powder dies for progressive presses bell the case mouth adaquatly for lead pills if adjusted correctly.
Almost if not all revolver caliber dies do a roll crimp.
Case neck tension and uniform trimmed brass do way more to hold a round securely then a monster crimp.
Overcrimping will actually screw up good neck tension.
Just my 2 pesos, carry on…


I’ve has some 38spl that smoked like BP a few times, don’t now it was but this thread makes it seem possible


The gunshow stuff in the orange box, hst or something like that. Smokers bigtime.


I only use single stage presses to build super match rounds.
Have never played with any other type of press.


Found this page in my archives. This is great info when times get tough.
loads for modern calibers