Late to the game

Well at 63 to just get into reloading is surly late to the game. But off and running. Setup and adjusted everything on the Dillion 550C my wife bought me last Christmas.
Had a few issues to work through (one with a little help from @USRS Thank you). The others I just figured out and now set up and consistent with 45ACP.
Gotta take em out a fire em, but reasonably confident.
Now though I got a BIG shopping list.



WTF? What am I to make of that?
Don’t make me flag you.
Now I have a reason to buy that 10mm.


A wee bit of envy


@USRS is helping me out with a single stage starter kit when he’s back from his vacation, complete with 10mm dies :yum:


I have been reloading for 40 years rifle ,shotgun and pistol I have found that I can buy practice ammo for less than I can load it. But hunting and target loads I still do myself.


Interesting. Buying in the small quantities I have so far it’s close to equal from what I can tell. Calif prices on ammo may be higher than elsewhere.
I’m hoping bigger quantities and buying at the gun show may lower my cost. Maybe lead as well for practice loads.
But either way at least it’s fun.


Nice set up!


Looks like a very nice setup. You have a nice machine there.

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Some people load for “fun”.

The term “wife swap” immediately comes to mind :astonished::yum:


Yeah, reloading isn’t cheaper… its more accurate and a GREAT way to spend a Saturday evening.


Naw… got me a keeper here. And I don’t think I’ll mention it to her cuz she might consider it.


So after I shoot some of this I’m going to need to understand what effects accuracy. I’m dealing with hand gun rounds at first (.45ACP & 9mm). Then Rifle. I have most of what I need for .223.
But I’m just following recipes for now. Not sure how one tweaks for accuracy.
But that’s a question for later. Not ready quite yet.

@jtr & @KeithP (and anybody else)
So again I’m a noob to reloading but I’m calculating out (based on online prices with either free shipping or local brick and mortar stores I can get:

.45 ACP 230gr FMJ 1000ct for $149.00 = $0.15/rd
New Brass 1000ct for $125 = $0.13
1000 LP primers (CCI) for $29 = $0.03
Hodgdon titegroup powder (1lb) for $30 (7000gr /lb ~4.5gr /rd x1000 rds) rounds out to $0.02

(The above is what I’m starting with, not the be all end all.)

So all new:
.15 + .13 + .03 + .02 = .33
I calculate about $0.33 / rd. I can beat that buying complete ammo.

But if I take out the cost of the brass (reusing my own old)
.15 + .03 + .02 = .20
I can get this to $0.20 / rd. That’s under what I can buy ammo for locally.

If I go with powdered lead wad cutters I can get to about $0.18 / rd.

I’m heading to the gun show this weekend and I’ll shop bulk ammo and component prices there.

But do you find these costs miscalculated somehow? Honest question I’m not doubting you guys. But if they’re mostly correct, where are your finding cheaper deals on ammo?

And again there is some value to the fun factor.

Appreciate anyone and everyone’s help.


when I reloaded my rifle caliber rounds, I was saving about half of retail for new but yes that was reusing my own brass. the ability for better accuracy and custom loads You can’t buy retail. I never ventured into Progressive loading for pistol ammunition, but I do plan on it. so feel free to f****** up cuz I am more than happy to learn from your mistakes LOL.


The goal of reloading for me was not so much to save money, but to be able to take a lot more ammo to the range for practice.
The cost of reloading definitely depends on the caliber, too.
Compare the difference for 44 mag, for example.


Your figures are right in the ballpark . In the past I have even cast my own bullets to save money but seeing as I still work full time and don’t have a lot of time to spare I feel that the cost of my time needs to be taken in to account


Totally understand the lack of spare time when working. Fortunately I’m retired finally.
I’ve been looking into casting as well but one thing at a time.


Check out lucky gunner they have federal aluminum cased .45 for $250 a 1000.


I forgot to mention one of the other motivations for me to reload. California’s repressive laws. All ammo sales in Ca now have to be done face to face. So places like lucky gunner have to ship to a licensed ammo dealer here and we have to go get it in person and pay an additional fee.
Starting in July of next year we need a background check each time we by ammo.

So I’m focusing on the fun aspect first. Minor cost savings second and fucked up California last.
It’s what I have to do to keep a decent attitude.

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