Latest Aquisition That Isn’t a Gun? -Picture Thread-


So what’s something odd or downright cool that you just picked up?

I Collect military surplus items, and I just got this from IMA. Finnish M40/55 helmet. It’s too bad people use these to fake German stahlhelms. I think they’re a valuable piece of history in their own right.


In a world that doesn’t seem to value history I agree with you,

The only thing odd as of late is a picture of @jf89 on the interweb (hope it doesn’t tarnish your thread)


Im bigger then that and only rock green leprechaun outfits, this guy might be a long lost relative though. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Robert, you are a true friend.




Well let’s get this thread back on track!
I see your Finnish and raise you a Belgian helmet


The last non gun item I bought was two mag- pumps. One for AR and one for AK. Loads a round a second and doesn’t care wich way the ammo is in the hopper.


I bought an original dog sled for my Swedish Kg m/37 BAR.


:astonished: I love that BAR!


switchpod- I’ve been using stripper clips like a caveman. I kind of want that now.


@Mongo When it snows in Houston, you’ll be prepared. :slight_smile:


Haven’t got it yet but its on its way,
inspired by @Mosinvirus and his 80% builds



No Belgians. I fold.


I do have an Israeli though


Where did you get that?




Worse part, I don’t have a dog either.


@Mongo That is the singularly the greatest thing I have heard today.


Swedish M37/65 arrived in the mail…


This M1 style helmet I just got is from Austria :austria:. Designated the M75, it was adopted after WWII.


i bought a snowflake melter for my Glock. Just because.