Latest build, “pistol” style


So I decided it was time for a “pistol” build. Gotta love the NFA and ways around that nonsense. So far about 95% done. Shoots quite well with irons. Still need to zero the optic but waiting for a decent break in the weather.


I don’t think your pictures worked right.


Fixed it. Had to edit and reload the pics.


Nice, but seems like a lot of glass for a pistol.


This was the zero targets. Shooting prone supported, 25 meters, BUIS only.


Running a 11.3 barrel. This “pistol” build acts as my primary home and property defense smoke pole now. With the 1X6 on it I can consistently put shots into the head portion of one of my 1/3 steel silhouettes at 125 yards from either a kneeling or standing braced position. Wanted something smaller and lighter than my current selection of rifles that will reach out to 300 with ease yet light enough to carry all day if needed. This build so far is living up to that expectation. Reminds me of a updated version of the 11.5 M4 PDWs my last Bn Cdr’s PST carried on my last tour in Iraq.


Looks like a great build!




Nice pistol!


That’s awesome Brother! I love it!


Awesome build!